Bianca is a New York City-based mixed media artist, and Event & Creative Producer. She uses magazine print collage and paint simultaneously to create strong visual contrasts between bold mixed patterns, textures, imagery, typography, and blended colors. Her use of mixed media collaged visual contrasts and mediums is a literal metaphor for personal identity which is heavily influenced by her upbringing growing up in both New York City and Connecticut, as well as being half South Korean and half Spanish. Raised by a graphic designer and fashion designer, art & design has always played an integral role in her life, beginning at a very young age. With a background in marketing and experience working at Experiential Creative Agencies for major brands, she strives to merge her agency experience with her creative side and artistic abilities. Bianca offers an eclectic range of skillsets from painting, creative production, brand marketing, event production, art direction, to art curation. She's constantly seeking ways to merge art with all avenues of her work and collaborate with innovative people and brands.


She’s recently done artistic work for The William Vale Hotel, Courvoisier, Maker’s Mark, Food Network, Bunsmith Restaurant & Bar, Hornitos Tequila, Northcoast Music Festival (Chicago), Pabst Blue Ribbon, and more. Her work has been featured in Street Art NYC, Livestream, BK Reader, Spoiled NYC along with other art & lifestyle publications. Bianca currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she continues to work and create.

She used her collage technique as a way to pull from all different magazines, articles, contexts, street posters, advertisements, editorials, photographs, and bring them all together to collectively create a new visual narrative. Her mixed media style is a nod to the idea that we are a product of all the different experiences, people, relationships, environments, places that we encounter throughout our lives. Her style is bold in colors, and explores human expressions and bringing out the beauty in the collective mix of it all. As of late, Bianca has been developing her unique collaging technique, which consists of hand-cutting strips of paper to look like “brush strokes” or “ paint scribbles” which she calls her “paper scribbles”. Constantly trying to find new ways to further mix contrasts she discovered mixing the idea of mediums and began cutting paper to look like it’s blended painted brush strokes. Within each piece, there’s layers beyond layers of paint, and print patterns, textures, colors, images, and paper that's hand-cut and collaged to look like paint. She wants the viewer to look at a piece and discover more about the medium, techniques, depth in players and subject-matter the longer they look at a painting. Bianca currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she continues to work and create. She's been exhibiting her work in galleries in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and more, and has done artwork for Northcoast Music Festival (Chicago), Beam Suntory, Food Network/Spoon University, BunSmith Restaurant in Brooklyn, Mes Hall Recording Studio and more. 



Bianca has a strong background in creative experiential marketing/production, creative branding, and event production. She's worked at Livestream (world's leading live-video streaming platform) building the company culture and curating art exhibitions and concerts at its headquarters & venue space. Previously she worked at an award winning experiential branding and marketing agency, where she managed and produced event marketing campaigns for Diageo Brands (Guinness and Smirnoff) including events at SXSW and Winter Music Conference (WMC) surrounding the first televised DJ reality competition, Master of the Mix, on VH1. Additional brands included Don Julio, EFFEN Vodka, Leo Burnett, Courvoiser, and more. Prior to this, she worked at a leading youth marketing and media agency where she was planning and buying media campaigns for high-end brands such as Cartier, Emirates Airlines, Vitamin Water, Victoria's Secret, AXE and Comedy Central.




Growing up in New York City and surburbia Connecticut in a multicultural household, raised by two designers has made a great impact on Bianca and the way she views the world. She’s heavily influenced by contrasting ideologies and contrasting visual textures, colors, patterns, images and enjoys playing with the juxtaposition of having it all on the same “playing field”. Urban street art makes its unusual but obvious appearance as Bianca uses print collage in her work to explore expressive matters of the mind.




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