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#biancaromeroart #nycbasedfemaleartist #nycbasedartist #nycbasedstreetartist #nycbasedmuralist #artistbrandcollaborations #biancaromeroartist #contemporaryart #mixedmediaart #collageart #streetartist #streetartistnyc #artforsale #custompainting #artcollectors

Bianca's become known for her bold mixed media collage style which is a visual metaphor for exploring personal identity and emotional expression, more specifically, exploring the collective pieces that make each of us uniquely us. Bianca's paintings are made up of collaged street posters that she pulls off walls around NYC - hand-cut and collaged, mixed with acrylic and spray paint. Inspired by Bianca's mixed cultural background being Spanish and Korean and a first Gen American. She's heavily influenced by New York City’s vibrant energy, urban textures & street art, and diversity.  As a first-generation American, the clash of cultures significantly impacted her perspectives, and collage art has helped her navigate her mixed identity, allowing her the creative outlet to explore the multifaceted human experience through her artwork. 

Her art is an expressionist exploration that we are each a product of all the different parts and experiences that we encounter throughout our lives. Her style is bold in colors and collage and explores human expressions and bringing out the beauty in the collective mix of it all. Growing up in New York City and Connecticut in a multicultural household, raised by two designers has made a great impact on Bianca and the way she views the world. She’s heavily influenced and inspired by contrasting ideologies and contrasting visual textures, colors, patterns, images and enjoys playing with the juxtaposition of having it all on the same canvas, creating a new narrative. Urban street art makes its unusual but obvious appearance as Bianca uses print collage and wheatpaste in her work.

She used her collage technique as a way to pull from all different narratives (magazines, editorial topics, street posters, advertisements, photographs, etc) and combine them all together to collectively create a new visual story, often mixing topics and subjects. As of late, Bianca has been developing her unique collaging technique, which consists of hand-cutting strips of paper to look like “brush strokes” which she calls her “paper scribbles”. Constantly trying to further develop her craft, she discovered mixing the idea of mediums and began cutting paper to look like it’s blended painted brush strokes. Within each piece, there are layers beyond layers of paint, print, and paper that's hand-cut and collaged to look like paint. She wants the viewer to look at each bold expressive painting and discover more about the medium, techniques, the depth in layers, and subject-matters the longer they look at a painting. 


Bianca currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she continues to work and create. She's been exhibiting her work in galleries in New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and more, and has done artwork for Rag & Bone Retail Store, Oakley, William Vale Hotel, Ludlow Fitness Club, Northcoast Music Festival (Chicago), Courvoisier, Maker's Mark, Food Network, Blend Astoria Restaurant, and much more.




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