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Contemporary Artist

My Background as a Contemporary Artist

I create incredible, unique, hand-cut collages as a mixed media artist here in New York City. My work is layered with several images and designs to create amazing murals and graphic designs throughout the city and for major clients. Some of the mediums I use include wheat paste, acrylic, and spray paint. As a contemporary artist, my style reflects my unique cultural upbringing as a half South Korean and half Spanish woman. During my youth, I split my time between the suburbs of Connecticut and the vibrant streets of New York City.

You’ll notice my influences as a mixed media artist come from the incredible energy, vibrancy, and diversity of the city of New York. With a nod to the awe-inspiring graffiti art scene, my work offers a unique take on the experiences of people here. As a mixed media artist, I used collages to create a visual metaphor for exploring one’s personal identity. The collection of pieces come together to show that each of us is unique while expressing the importance of the human experience through art.

I have experience working at Experiential Creative Agencies and have a strong background in brand marketing. I’ve created works for many major brands, and I always try to mix my professional experience with my artistic abilities to create pieces that are truly unique, personal, and one-of-a-kind. As a contemporary artist, I work with paint, but I also enjoy showcasing my skills in art direction and curation, brand marketing, and creative production.

With a combination of creative skills and experience, I’ve been able to work with a wide range of leading consumer brands. Some of the brands that I have collaborated with include Maker’s Mark, Rag & Bone, Food Network, Hornitos Tequila, The William Vale Hotel, and many more. You’ll find some of my artwork featured in Spoiled NYC, Street Art NYC, and many other art and lifestyle websites and publications. I have also had exhibits in several galleries throughout the Philadelphia and New York City areas.

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