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"Around the world in 60 days" is a 1,000 sq ft visual journey around the world via Liquor bottles as "Impossible Bottles" with boats, planes, cars, horses, etc inside each branded bottle. Starting from NYC and going around the world featuring liquor brands and their countries: Yamazaki whisky (Japan), Hornitos Tequila (Mexico), Courvoisier (France), Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and Basil Hayden’s(America / New York City)! The mural is a journey around the world featuring the cultures of each brand’s heritage. At the end of the mural is MLK's "I had a Dream" to represent the journey from different countries and making it in America.

bianca romero art mural courvoisier makers mark

Each section features collaged and painted iconic buildings and nightlife scenery from each culture, as well as a different vehicle inside each bottle: 

Yamazaki Whisky: Nightlife scenes in Japan and a plane inside the Yamazaki Bottle 

Hornitos Tequila: buildings and agave plants from Mexico City, and a boat inside of the Hornitos Tequila bottle and shot glass 

Courvoisier: cathedrals and iconic buildings from Paris, and a vintage plane inside of the Courvoisier bottle 

Maker's Mark: Kentucky scenery with American farms, horse racing scenes, metropolis buildings and cars. Inside the Maker's Mark bottle is a convertable car

Jim Beam: a continuation of American Mid-West scenery. buildings, cars, and inside the Jim Beam bottle is a racehorse 

Basil Hyadens: The final stop, New York City with the NY cityscape, cabs, buildings, and inside the Basil Hayden's bottle is a NYC Subway car with Graffiti on it

bianca romero art mural hornitos tequila
bianca romero art mural jim beam
bianca romero art mural courvoisier
bianca romero art mural basil haydens
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