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Street Artist

The Definition of a Street Artist

When you think of the term visual artist, the words “street art” are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. The street artist has long played an important role in the world of art, even if it’s still a largely misunderstood genre. Read on to learn more about the history of the street artist and what their work means to the world.


Some may conflate street art with graffiti, but the two could not be further apart. While both tend to take place mostly in cities and urban settings, the graffiti that plagued the early 1970s and 80s eventually morphed into something meaningful and beautiful. Take artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, two modern street artists who have made countless money selling their works to the public. Over time, the street artist began to gain respect as he or she took their creative processes to the streets. The work combines painting, wheat paste posters, and other mixed media to create incredible works of art that the public can admire and enjoy.

What is it?

As a visual artist, this type of art is made to be impactful and to make a meaningful statement. The goal is to design works that leave an impression on the viewer and perhaps even help to promote societal change. Rather than just using a can of spray paint to graffiti words onto train cars or the side of buildings, a street artist takes their time to create something truly beautiful to behold. The combination of shapes, colors, and images offers something much more complex for the public to enjoy and experience in a much larger context than a small art gallery. The next time you pass by an amazing mural, remember that a creative street artist has designed it from the heart.

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